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Connecting to You:  Lighting the Fire Within You and Keeping it Lit

Key Points:
• Find your fire and fan the flames
• Reveal who’s really responsible for your motivation
• Discover key personal motivators and which are most effective
• Find your sweet spot and stay in it
• Identify what successful people do to love their job
• Finding and staying in environments that fuel your own fire
• Empowering yourself to take control of your own motivation

Connecting to Lead Across the Generations

Key Points:
• Tapping into the motivational forces of the different generations
• Keys to job satisfaction and growth
• Creating a positive environment across the generations
• Understanding how to lead millennials in a way they respond best
• Create an environment where everyone is appreciated for their skills and talents
• Identify areas to improve connect-ability across the generations

Creating a Connected and Engaged Workplace

Key Points:
• How bad is employee engagement really?
• Discover how to get your team energized, focused and headed in the same direction
• Clear the path to effective communication with each other and with customers
• Make interpersonal conflict a thing of the past.
• Learn to attract and keep loyal, happy employees
• Create a workplace that you and your team can’t wait to get to each day

Connecting to Communicate Better

Key Points:
• What does connection mean and why it’s important to communication
• Discover how to build rapport with customers and coworkers
• Understand why forming a connection first paves the way to improved communication
• How connection = relationship = trust

• Learn to connect better with customers and coworkers
• Create a connection plan for individuals where communication has suffered
• Discover how to communicate better with others because of mutual understanding and rapport

Using Connection to Influence Your Boss, Your Coworkers and All the Ones Who Help You Get It Done

Key Points:
• The 5 Levels of Leadership
• Embracing the power of your Influence
• Building connections that make a difference
• Leading up, down and all around
• Assess where you are on the 5 Levels of Leadership
• Create a specific plan for each of the 3 key individuals in your sphere of influence
• Identify areas to improve your connect-ability

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