Fun Facts Jackie 3

I love anything with peanut butter in it; candy, cookies, milkshakes, you name it.

Fun Facts Jackie 2

My foreign language in school was Italian.

Fun Facts Jackie 1

My first business was selling paper flowers on the corner in my neighborhood when I was 12.

Connecting to Lead

Jackie S. Martin – A Matter of Motivation, LLC My first job out of college was with a Savings & Loan (I just dated myself), the by-gone dinosaurs of the financial world.  The C-Suite on the [...]

Fun Facts Ageena 4

My brain is like a gumball machine, all the brightly colored thoughts come out at once.

Fun Facts Jennifer 3

I am a feminine, tom-boy. I like every outdoor activity/game and every sport known to man. I also like to be very girlie and fashionable.

Fun Facts Jennifer 2

I spent a summer in Spain as an exchange student when I was 20.  Several of us rented a car and drove 4 hours across Spain to see the running of the bulls in Pamplona. We even slept in our car to [...]

Fun Fact Jennifer 1

I have a wicked sense of humor and secretly love it when I crack people up, especially my husband. I am shy about my sense of humor and only allow it to see the light of day in certain circumstances.

Fun Facts Ageena 3

  My children call me the “Swiss Army Knife” of people.  

Fun Fact Ageena 2

If youtube makes a video about it, I think I am an expert.  

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