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Develop Yourself
Develop Yourself
We believe that every one of us can discover and become our own best self. It just takes the courage to look in the mirror, assess our strengths, re-tool our direction and take intentional action toward that best self; the one that brings us joy, energy and fulfillment!”
Develop Your Team
Develop Your Team
No one reaches the top without the support, your ability to attract, nurture and grow a team is key to your success as a leader. “For the person trying to do everything alone, the game really is over. If you want to do something big, you must link up with others. One is too small a number to achieve greatness. That’s the Law of Significance.” ― John C. Maxwell
Develop Your Business
Develop Your Business
Developing your business to achieve its true potential takes people, planning, processes and a leader. If your profit isn’t where you want it to be, it’s going to be some combination of those areas where the opportunity for growth exists.
Speaking. Training. Consulting.

“Connecting you to your purpose and passion and challenging you to put them to work!

We provide training, coaching, mastermind groups, and strategy sessions to create a more intentional, focused, and fun life at work and at home!”

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Become the best place to work by…

…Communicating your clear vision clearly and often

…Connecting the dots between company mission and daily activity

…Engaging and empowering your team on every level so they are excited to show up to work and take action

…Connecting personally as well as professionally

…Treating employees more like owners and they might just act like owners

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The Connected Workplace Series

“We believe that you should love what you DO and DO what you love!”

We believe that life is too short to spend time in a work environment that is harsh, stressful, disengaged, (fill in the blank). It’s no wonder 70% of the population is just going through the motions waiting to get to the weekend, or retirement and are disengaged from their livelihood.

We strive to speak, train, coach, and inspire people to a better way!  Our goal is to make the workplace (at home or in a corporate office) a more fun, engaging, energetic, impactful experience.

Everything we communicate in our workshops, our trainings, articles, and speaking engagements are designed to move people to a more enjoyable life experience where they work, wherever they work.

Raving Fans

  • "Jackie is incredible. A must see. She changes your complete trajectory." Cynthia Harper 5M Purpose Journey Atlanta Dress for Success

  • "I had the pleasure of hiring Jackie to conduct training for my company and it was amazing. I had so many of my class participants come to me afterward to say it was one of the best presentations they had attended in quite a while. I will hire Jackie again in the future and highly recommend her for any team or customer service training you might need." - Sylvia Jackson, Director, Director of Contracting/Network Integration for Kids Health First and The Children’s Care Network

  • “Jackie Martin is a powerful presenter. She knows how to organize and present training in a way that's both interesting and effective. Her content is as quality as her delivery. She gets the audience involved with light, sound and even touch in groups of 1,000 or more, and leaves the listeners with an experience instead of just a lecture. In addition, she is excellent on follow-through and a pleasure to work with. I recommend her highly”.  - Monica Lee, Homemade Gourmet

  • "Wow! Your presentation was awesome last night! I loved how you led us to creating our purpose statement. The exercise was welcomed by everyone in attendance and I think they all benefited from your message." - Cathy Holcomb, Women Building Business by Networking

  • “Best board retreat ever!  I have organized several board retreats in the past, but this was by far the easiest and best.  Jackie helped board members look beyond the organization and answer the personal question of, “Why am I on this board?” Answering this question opened the door for building trust and better communication for our board. Jackie’s enthusiasm is contagious.” Tammy L Wright | Manager of Environmental Programs  -  Forsyth County Recycling & Solid Waste Department & Keep Forsyth County Beautiful

  • "I just wanted to sincerely thank you for coming to speak. You have personally moved me with your passion at seeing people becoming the best versions of themselves! As I mentioned last night I am passionate about the same thing. I would definitely like to keep in contact and hear more about how you got involved with what you do.  *P.s.- Enlightenment without action is pointless. So I am writing out my quarterly goals now!"- Kristen Neal. College Student, Psychology Major

  • "Jackie has facilitated several Leadership workshops over the past several years for Leadership Forsyth. I have had the honor of attending each one and even if I have heard her speak on the topic in the past, I always take away very meaningful and inspiring lessons on how to be a better leader. She is upbeat, engaging and informative. After each workshop, the participants all rate her as one of their favorite speakers of the program year. Thank you Jackie for all you give and share with us through your workshops!" - Tammi Bramblett, Executive Director Leadership Forsyth

  • ​"Jackie came and helped our staff learn to communicate better with each other and to our customers. We have a staff of different personalities and communicating with each other can be a challenge at times. Jackie did a fantastic job at educating everyone on the type of communication techniques that each of our individuals respond best and how we can create more understanding. Our team is still putting these tools to use today.  I would highly recommend bringing Jackie in to talk to your team in order to better your companies communication with each other and your customers." - Mark Thompson, Owner & President of Absolute Pool and Spa Care

  • "Jackie and I were a part of Leadership Forsyth Class, and felt an immediate connection. She was a crucial part of this class and helped us communicate as, Leaders! I have listened to her speak in many different settings and am always motivated and certainly more educated when it ends. We have asked Jackie to be a part of our on-going training at Morrow Family Medicine. Her knowledge and expertise have been valuable and we always look forward to the next time she comes to the office for our Lunch and Learns! I would recommend her to any group, large or small!" - Peggie Morrow, Morrow Family Medicine and Board of Director of Morrow Community Foundation

  • "From Leadership Forsyth training, to our weekly Mastermind class, to personal coaching I (and my organization & board) have gained immeasurable knowledge, insight, confidence and skills all at the feet of a wonderful, funny trainer. Jackie is a choice you will NEVER regret!" - Suellen Daniels, Executive Director of Fill Ministries

  • "Jackie is an amazing speaker. So many attendees connect with her saying they feel she is their new "best friend". Her knowledge in leadership, change management, and employee engagement are phenomenal. Jackie is a must have for your next meeting or workshop in your office." - Nancy Babbitt, FACMPE, Founder, Transformationist, V2V Management Solutions

  • "I had been tasked with giving a high profile presentation to management.  Having had previous bad experiences with presenting, I turned to Jackie for a coaching session.  Jackie was able to evaluate my capabilities and styles, give tips on things to avoid, and gave some very useful techniques for regaining composure when needed.  I found Jackie's style very encouraging and comfortable, and amazed myself later that week when I gave my flawless presentation.  Thanks Jackie!" - Andy Austin, Security Administrator, Compucredit

  • "I recently attended an event in which Jackie was the speaker. I would highly recommend her to speak with your office, team, networking groups, etc. Her presentation was both interactive and informative, pulling each participant into her program on an individual level, yet connecting the room. Her "One Word" discussion with the group was incredibly motivational and was perfect for the company's New Year kick-off meeting!" - Katherine Wofford, Marketing Coordinator, Element Funding

  • "I had the great privilege of attending one of Jackie's Mastermind Groups on communication. What a treat as well as growth opportunity! The group was just the right size for wonderful conversation. Jackie was a great facilitator - she kept us on track but allowed us plenty of time to share and learn from each other - everyone was included and encouraged to share their viewpoint. I look forward to taking more Mastermind classes in the future." - Jane O’Gorman, University of North Georgia

  • "I really enjoyed the Atlanta Executive Leadership Support Forum… Your contribution was outstanding!!  I loved your displayed confidence and knowledge of the material you presented.  Your vocal projection was on point, and sharing with us about your new shoes really showed your commonality.  For those reasons, along with your bubbly personality, I will definitely keep you in mind for future learning within our workgroup.  Your motivation is appreciated!" - Kuaretta Lawrence, GE Power Digital


Connecting Your Work, Your Life, Your Story

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