What Can Coaching Do For You?

  • Help you reach your goals more quickly and easily by working with you to identify where you should focus your time and energy
  • Work with you so you take action and continually move toward reaching your specific objectives
  • Provide support and accountabilityso you always keep your word to yourself
  • Help you see things from a different perspectiveso you create new beliefs that empower you, rather than discourage you

Coaching is no longer for the rich and famous.  In fact, coaching has become one of the fastest growing industries over the last several years because high achievers and performers know they need the support, expertise and partnership for success that a good coach provides.

A coach has your best interest at heart and wants you to succeed (just like a friend) but has an unbiased attitude and the emotional distance to help you see truth and facts.  Good friends are usually more concerned with your emotional comfort and often struggle saying the hard things we might need to hear.

Coaching also isn’t therapy.   If you feel you need deep work around issues of trauma, please seek professional help from a licensed therapist.

What good coaching provides is a combination of an objective assessment of where you are currently, where you would like to be and then solid strategies and tactics to help get you there.

Some of the things you will experience with coaching:

  • An ongoing relationship with the coach helping you set goals and be accountable in achieving them.
  • A partnership where the coach will encourage you to find your own answers so you make decisions based on what you think is best for you.
  • The courage to look at things differently so you recognize patterns that have been holding you back and then the support to help you create new beliefs so you start making different decisions.
  • Significant forward movement toward your goals and a clear plan of action on how to get there.

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