3PS Approach

We’ll help you achieve results based on our 3PS Approach to get results.  Achieving results in business profit can be placed into four main areas people, process, planning or self (leadership). Our assessment will give insight in those specific domains based on current state and how recommended changes can improve volume, margin and profit.

Profit must stay at the center of it all:
“If you are not making a profit in your business, than all you have is a hobby.”  The impact of growth can be erosion of profit. When you have the right people, processes and planning in place with the right leadership tools to manage those metrics, you can improve your bottom line. Many owners are caught in the weeds, they can what is required to propel forward.

  • People: You may have the right people on the bus, are they sitting in the right seat?

During our assessment we take time to ensure you have the right people in the right roles to allow them to be successful. Promoting without ongoing training and support management and leadership can place stress on your recruitment and retention process, which can degrade quality and efficiency. These impact revenue, margin, profit– all crucial to your success.

  • Process: How you do things can be more important that what you do.

We find that businesses create process that work, but fail to make changes or determine effectiveness as the company grows and changes. People will find their way around perceived inefficient practices and create unintentional impact on other departments or processes these changes cause frustrations with vendors and clients. The erosion of margin requires higher price points for your product.

  • Planning:

Being clear on your vision and mission are critical to make sure you’re headed in the right direction.  Consistent communication of that to your team is even more critical and often where the ball gets dropped.  We’ll help you make a clear business plan, define the metrics and give you the tools to get enthusiasm and buy-in from your team.

  • Self:

“Everything Rises and Fall on Leadership,” said John Maxwell.  You as the leader want to be focused on learning, growing and improving our influence and effectiveness.  We help you assess and understand your strengths so you can capitalize on those, as well as help you identify the areas where you want to improve.

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