Jennifer Gross

My story started way back when I was just a little girl. I played school with my neighborhood friends and being the bossy type, I somehow always ended up being the teacher. I later chose teaching as my life course. I worked as a classroom teacher of middle school and high school kids before I decided to stay home and “teach” my own kids. I didn’t homeschool them and I do not now, they attend our excellent public schools, but I do still consider myself a teacher. It’s all I have ever wanted to be.

As I’ve grown older and learned more about the world, my desire to teach has molded into a desire to help others realize their greatest potential. I love that moment when the lightbulb clicks on. I discovered that I can share that moment and that excitement through motivating others and giving them the tools for self-discovery.

At the end of the day, what drives me and really makes my heart sing is providing encouragement, support and inspiration to those that are searching and ready. It’s fun to look back and realize that it all started when I was just a little girl and I wanted desperately to write a red smiley face on someone’s paper.

Lucky me, I have three wonderful kids and have been adventurously married for 19 years to the love of my life. We have an awesome dog who serves as a running companion. We have lived in Cumming for 19 years, and have attended/served and raised our family in the same church for the last 13 years. We spend our time bouncing between our kid’s activities of swimming, water polo, gymnastics, and soccer as well as spending time at the lake and camping. My husband and I share a love for multisport and all things outdoors.

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