Agenna Mathley

Agenna Mathley is a life-long learner who intentionally pursues wisdom and growth daily. Currently she spends her time coaching, mentoring, teaching and catering. From high school English, to volleyball to catering business lunches, she actively fills brains and bellies each day. Even her work at non-profit, Meals by Grace, feeds people both physically and mentally. Her constant quest for personal growth starts with an encouraging question, “Who am I becoming?” As she answers this for herself, she prompts others to ask the question as well. When people are ready to embrace personal growth, she is there to help.

Agenna knows no signal approach is the right path for everyone, that is why she has trained in a variety of methods to address individual needs. Master minds, lunch and learns, webinars, group and one-on-one coaching are a few of the tools she uses to encourage growth for those seeking it.

She focuses on delivering the main concepts of books and life principles in bite-sized chunks so that they may be applied immediately. More growth in less time.

She joined the Matter of Motivation team to help motivate those who matter. Knowing that every action we each take matters to the rest of the world, she knows we all matter and we all need motivation!

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