Have you ever been to a place – say a conference or an event – where everyone attending was an expert in their field? And the fields they were experts in were varied – but all of their expertise could help your business? Just imagine…

What if you could channel all that expertise into one book? Insider’s Tips is a compilation of over 20 authors – 120 business tips from Social Media to starting a Not for Profit to Balancing Home & Work Life.

Jackie Martin is a contributing author to Insider’s Tips Books. She shares her tips from “Shiny Object Syndrome” to how she “Connects the Dots.”

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Connecting the Dots

Remember playing the kids paper game where you would connect the dots on a piece of paper to create an image? At first you couldn’t make out the image and were just following the number sequence step by step and dot by dot until the collection of connections brought about a picture. Voila!

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