Be More Successful In and After High School

Workshops designed for students to help
them embrace their best opportunities

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Be More Successful After High School

Workshops designed for students to help them embrace their best opportunities

Do any of these feel familiar?

Do any of these feel familiar?

✓ Kids are stuck behind technology – I can’t even keep up with the social media they’re on, let alone keep them off of it!

I’m afraid that my kid will struggle to get a job because they show up as still a mess instead of the prepared adult I know the business owner wants to hire

✓ I’m worried about the decisions my child is making – and whether they’ll ever get better at making decisions

✓ My child is taking life TOO seriously and I’m worried my kid is out of balance and missing out on the rest of the social skills they need for life

My child puts so much pressure on him/herself that I can’t imagine setting them free into the world – they can barely handle the stress they’re dealing with now, how will they handle adult life?

✓ My child doesn’t know how to communicate with people of other generations – and I know this is going to hurt him/her in the future

✓ Deep down, I know my child isn’t ready for the adult world. I just don’t know how to make them ready without trying to hand them everything they need.

✓ I’m concerned that my child is too much of a follower and doesn’t have the skills to lead.

If you’ve answered YES to one or more of these questions, then let’s get your kid ready for life in and beyond high school!

Three Skills Essential To Success 

Three Skills Essential To Success 

Communication Skills

Boost your ability to communicate confidently and persuasively with anyone.

Leadership Skills

Harness the power of your influence and lead by example.

Social Skills

Handle any social situation like a pro.

The BMORE Workshop Series is designed to help your high-schooler prepare for success in the real world.

Over the course of the school year,  your student will attend 4 separate workshops that will cover the essential skills to success. Parents will attend special sessions where they will learn how to support their students

These workshops will be full of experiential, hands-on, activity-driven and most importantly – future-shaping information that will allow your child to:

  • Make a great first impression and understand why first impressions matter
  • Communicate effectively and persuasively to many types of audiences
  • Network, engage and build connections with employers, coworkers, and classmates
  • Present and express yourself in-person and online
  • Handle complex real-life and work situations and decision making
  • Set goals for your future whether you pursue college or career
  • Promote yourself by understanding your own personal brand and message
  • Get the inside scoop on this thing called “adult-ing”

At the end of each workshop in the series, your child will receive a short assignment that will help them continue their development until the next time we meet.

And at the completion of the series, your child will receive a designation and certificate from the University of North Georgia with an achievement of professionalism – something they can use on resumes and college applications to help them stand apart from the crowd.

The community has come together to sponsor this event on behalf of you and your child – creating a $1,200.00 value for just a $99 investment that covers both you and your student.

The business leaders in the community are excited to be a part of this workshop series. To get in front of people in the community, meet potential future leaders of their own companies, and volunteer their time and expertise to help tomorrow’s leaders succeed.

 Value: $1,200.00 

Your investment: Only $99

(for you and your student) 

Imagine how proud you’ll be when you watch your child gain the skills he or she needs to be successful in the real world. No more worrying about whether they have what it takes to make it in or after college.

Now you’ll know. Imagine the life they’ll have because you were able to give them the leg up you know they need right now… in a safe, protected place where they can learn the essential skills they’ll carry with them for decades.

At the fulfillment of their BMore journey, your child will receive

12 hours of resume-building skills that will set you apart from the crowd

An opportunity to interact and receive mentoring from the business community

BMore Scholarship opportunities

A Graduation Ceremony to celebrate successful completion

A University of North Georgia Certificate of Professionalism

Start Your BMore Journey

Start Your BMore Journey

Here's How to Get Started!

Registration includes entry for one student and one parent. 

$99 investment.


Here's How to Get Started!

Registration includes entry for one student and one parent. 

$69 Early Bird rate through May 24 only!

$99 after May 24th.


BMore session dates for students and parents:

September 19, 2019
December 12, 2019
February 6, 2020
March 26, 2020

Location to be decided by the school district.

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BMore is a program of A Matter of Motivation, Inc.

For more information contact:

  (678) 457-4778


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